Fundamental values in past, present and future

The Federal Republic of Germany is committed to the spiritual heritage of the German resistance against Hitler. "Heritage" not only implies the meaning of "Present", but also of "Obligation". This future-oriented dimension is expressed in the first article of our constitution in an exemplary way: "The dignity of man is untouchable" In community with his wife Elisabeth and many other friends Nikolaus Groß has devoted his life to the dignity of man.

"If we do not risk our life today, how will we be able to face up to God and our nation one day in the future?" - this is how Nikolaus Groß described the decision which he took in accordance with his conscience on the 19th July 1944, the eve of the assassination attempt on Hitler. Like the first article of the German constitution this question reminds us of our responsibility as Christians and citizens for the passing on of fundamental values. In this tradition we are deeply indebted to the example of all those - who - like Nikolaus Groß - have resisted the evil forces of their time and died for a better Germany. So on the following pages you can inform yourself about the biographies of personalities from regional and national resistance.

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The second part of this page focuses on impulses which connect past and present and invite the reader to learn from history:

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