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In his foreword to Erich Kock`s Nikolaus Groß biography our bishop Dr. Hubert Luthe called Nikolaus Groß a "Perpetrator of the word" clearly distancing himself from the classical use of the word perpetrator in German history. He thus referred explicitly to the biblical meaning of this term connecting it with the life of Nikolaus Groß.

Also in our time it is important to act whenever the dignity of man is flouted or violated. The example of Blessed Nikolaus Groß and his wife encourages us to commit ourselves to fundamental human values and to preserve the spiritual heritage of the men and women in the resistance movement - in our parishes and church associations - in our schools and further education centres. On this page you can communicate with persons and institutions who feel that this process is relevant planning concrete activities such as a visit to the Nikolaus Groß museum, a pilgrimage to Niederwenigern; contacting members of the family Groß, taking part in a performance of the musical; compiling material for school lessons in history and religious education, in parishes or in catechism. Contact us and inform us about those activities:

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